Monday, June 13, 2011

I hate to be mopey, but I had sorta a crummers weekend. It was really the first one I was pretty much alone the entire time (not for lack of trying, but various circumstances prevailed and it was just me and the pups). I did have a lovely Friday afternoon out with friends at the Carolina Inn, and a quick bike ride and bbq with some neighbors, but there was a lot of me time. Which is not my favorite. A boring 10 mile run on a treadmill, because it was so hot outside. Lots of sweaty yard work. Lots of schlepping things. Naughty dogs. Falling down (2) stairs and panicking that if I hurt myself no one would know. Nervous nights with dogs barking at possible intruders (in reality, just dogs barking at party across the street. I tell ya, I have one mean imagination...). Not great.

So today, I am rallying. New day. I am wearing a fun new outfit combination that is sort of ridiculous but mostly awesome. Or so I am telling myself. I am listening to lots of the new Brett Dennen album ("Comeback/That's my Dog" is my mantra song this week). Making lots of plans ahead of time with friends.

Other things that are making me happy:

1) Fireflies. #2 reason I will miss Southern summers. Impossible not to smile when you see them.

2) Gardenias everywhere. #1 reason.

3) Weekly watermelon. See schlepping above. But totally worth it

4) This boat.

5) Planning my visit for my 10 Year High School reunion with April. Which will hopefully also be an interviewing trip. Which makes me slightly terrified... but exciting. And getting excited for Lesley's visit in just a few weeks!!

6) The CSA, while still overwhelming, is at least more diverse these days. Eggplant, squash, potatoes, kale (of course!), onions, cucumbers. Much more fun. And I ate my first tomatoes off my tomato jungle.

7) Hearing about Haley rocking her triathlon relay race. So impressed.

8) Dreaming about Maine and eating lobster everyday. And giving a spectacular presentation (fingers crossed).

9) Video chat with Trent. Makes my day to see his face. And hear all about his sailing adventures.

10) A random but lovely ride to school today from Paul. I was walking to work and he picked me up! Love small towns, and great to get a bit of Alex snuggles to start my day.

Here's to the up and up. This is the midpoint of our summer separation and I am thrilled about our Boston reunion at a friends wedding in July. Just gotta keep my head up.


Haley said...

Good girl! Gotta keep pushing ahead. Glad things are looking up this week. (Oh and BTW, never woulda done a tri without your inspiration, you wonder woman you!)

MrsEm said...

Hang in there and keep your cell in your pocket (just in case you fall down the stairs)! Trent will be home very soon.