Friday, December 09, 2011


Worst blogger ever?


No good explaination, other than life seems to be zooming by and I am starting to get quite anxious about all the changes ahead. I am not great with "transitions" (I even dislike falling asleep). And this year is full of them.

But we are all doing well. Highlights include:

A crazy busy October with trips to San Diego, SLO, and San Francisco. An epic combination of seeing my best friend April in SD, interviewing for post-docs, my rowdy but awesome 10 year high school reunion in SLO, more interviews in the Bay, spending time with my family. It was a whirlwind of being incredibly grown up and professional, and a complete an utter teenie-bopper.

A couple weeks after the crazy trip, I did my first Ironman distance race! And won my age group!! It was the most incredible experience. 11 hours and 39 minutes. And I honestly felt great for 85% of of it and finished strong and happy.

The manuscript is revised and I am so happy with it. And it is currently under revisions again. Fingers crossed. We hope to hear back before Christmas.

We are heading to New Orleans for Christmas! Seeing friends in Atlanta on the way down and other friends on the way back up and spending three days in New Orleans with just the two of us. I am very excited about this break!

Trent starts his last semester of his masters next year. We are abuzz with job planning and constantly talking about life goals and such.

I got the green light to defend my dissertation in May. I had a committee meeting right before my birthday and everyone was on board with my decision. Unreal. SO so so so much to do before then but I am very happy!

We got iPhones! Finally joining the rest of our generation. They are pretty awesome.

We took cheesy family Christmas card pictures with the pups. Expect them in your mail soon!

I am not running or biking or swimming right now. But I am addicted to high intensity interval training. I can be found jumping around the house most nights. It is so much fun.

I am teaching Genetics and Molecular Biology next semester. And super anxious about it! But it will be a nice way to end my time at UNC, with the great students we have here.

We are healthy and happy and enjoying all our friends and experiences as much as we can. Leaving Carrboro is going to be very tough.

Hopefully I will get to posting here more often!!



Sara said...

Oh my gosh, I can't believe you are defending soon! How exciting!! It seems like you were just starting (I'm sure that's not how it feels to you, lol).
I can't wait to hear about the next stage for you guys.

EF said...

Enjoy the iphones! :)

limestone columns said...

Hi, I would like to see more posts from you Jean. carry on.
~ Herman Swan