Thursday, April 05, 2007

Gone Fishin'

It had been one of those weeks. Mean bosses, tight deadlines, an amazing abundance of pollen, and we were frazzled. Although we did have a lovely visit by my cousin Heidi on a night so perfect that no one could resist Chapel Hill (so it isn't our fault if she moves here, right?). But by Thursday we were done. So we went on an impromptu camping vacation. Luckily, the flies were not having enough babies, and Trent had a floating holiday to use up, so we decided to go here for the weekend. And Trent decided he was going to teach me how to fish. Because it was warm, we had lots of cheap beer leftover from our BBQ, and why not? So Thursday night we headed to our local sporting goods store and bought a cheap rod and I got to pick out pretty, sparkly, bait. We were going to head out that evening, but were too beat and decided to spend the night here and get a early start in the morning.

The campground was about 2 hours away, more west than we have been since the drive across. We had an easy drive and arrived and got set up at our cute little campsite. We LOVE to camp. And we are awesome at. I love how quite it is, how there are so few distractions and all the fun hiking and such. This camp ground was a bit odd.. no fires and no beer. Whoops. Oh well. I am sure that is just Dr. Pepper in T's can.

We tried to go fishing in the middle of the day, but nothing was biting, so we went out to lunch in the little town of Troutman (no kidding) and bought some wormies for bait. Once back, we decided to go on a hike to pass some time, and I got to be a huge plant bio nerd. I found a species of fern ally that I have never seen! I think it might be.. Selaginella flabellata.
And I am sure you are all as excited about this as I am.. Anyways, it was a lovely walk.

Then it was time for some real fishing. I was determined to learn and Trent is an excellent teacher. He used to go to Fish Camp!! Trent would set up the worm and line, I was too chicken, and we waited and waited. I read magazines for a bit. The weather was starting to get a big chilly, but then yay, Trent got one. A bluegill sunfish, we think.

He was a champ at it, but it made me more determined. But shortly soon after, I got one. Except mine was way smaller and uglier, and I was hysterically afraid of it. My one prior fishing incident had scarred me, I think.

Right about then, the park ranger arrived. He laughed at my little fish, and threw him back in to the lake. Which was fine with me. Although, we had planned on making dinner from our catches. After a bit of a snafu (always keep your fishing license ON your person) and meeting some of the craziest local law enforcement, and with the weather turning even chillier, we decided to let our first fish go and call it a day. We had escaped our sentence, so the little guy deserved to as well. Annie's organic mac and cheese it was!

The weather just got colder and colder (in like a lion, I suppose) and we spent a chilly night in the tent. In the morning, hanging out in the cold had lost its appeal so we quickly packed up and headed home. With a quick stop at Macy's to get some new eyeshadow and the Clinique gift, as well as a cute spring top, and a trip to Trent's mecca, Woodworkers Supply of NC, where we thought about accessories for his new lathe.

So it was a quick trip, but an excellent getaway. We feel refreshed and glad to have hot water. I am enjoying watching my mated pair of cardinal's feed each other and chasing away the squirrel who has figured out how to open the bird seed bin. And best of all, we only used two worms out of the bunch, so the rest (about 18 big ones!) get to have a go at my Carolina Clay! I know my Mom will approve. Tomorrow we are going to Easter dinner with our first year biology posse. Hope you are all having a rejuvenating weekend, whatever you do!