Friday, April 27, 2007

moral superiority feels awesome

I don't like to complain.. and this week has been awesome, so I really shouldn't.. but I just have to share this ridiculousness that is occurring right now.

Last night's crafting evening was super fun, but due to the fact that the newbie invites didn't come at the last minute it turned into a small, very close, group of female scientists drinking lots of wine. Which pretty much means you revert to seventh graders. So much fun. Pictures to come. But, my head.. not so happy today.

Nevertheless, being the dedicated scientist I am, I am here today, chugging along. I just got back from a fantastic talk by a woman scientist who I want to be someday, and we are about to go get some greasy pizza which is the ultimate hangover remedy. So what could I complain about?

Well.. Mr. Meanie Post-Doc. Sorry. He sits directly in front of me but we are separated by a partition. He is really smart, but a royal pain sometimes. Like right now. NPR is on. I believe HE turned it on. And yes, it is a pledge drive. Which, yes, is annoying after a while. But every single time it goes on a pledge break, he pitches a huge fit. "Oh here they go, demanding our money. What greedy bastards." Etc, etc, etc. For the entire length of the pledge break. Only to be repeated next break. Awesome. In my mind, two options:

1. Turn it off. Unfortunately my lowly rotation student status prevents me from touching.. anything, otherwise I would.

2. Pledge. Then you can sit, like me, which a smug smile and sense of superiority.

Oh well, off to get pizza and out of this angry atmosphere!