Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Health Nut

I really like to eat healthy. As Emily can attest, most dinners we make involve brown rice, broccoli or some leafy green, and salmon. Luckily I like how healthy food tastes, and with the exception of an occasional Cheezit willpower crisis, we find it easy to eat very well. It may help that we get a bizillion magazines right now (apparently you get a few trial months free everytime you sign up for a race.. which happens to be about every three months...) which are all focused on being healthy and exercising and such. Ones like Men's Health, Triathlon, Women's Health, Real Simple.. you know the type. These magazines are quite inspirational, but they also tend to stress me out and make me feel like I am not eating enough fiber/antioxidants/lycopene/whatever the hot topic is that month. But I was impressed by something I found in Men's Health.


I am totally sold on this grain. It is usually sold in bulk bins (a good sign the hippies love it), and it is like rice, but WAY better for you. It is a complete protein (like meat) with tons of fiber and antioxidants. You cook it just like rice and can eat it as a pasta, as a rice, as oatmeal.. whatever.

I kept rambling on and on about it so finally we picked some up at Whole Foods this weekend. Then on Monday we played sand volleyball with some friends. Which was really, really, fun, but my sticks of arms were SO banged up afterwards, I just curled into a fetal position on the sofa that evening. Trent cooked up the quinoa with some onion and garlic, added okra and halved cherry tomatoes, and lots of spices and such and we had the yummiest (and healthiest) jambalaya-esquet meal that evening. It has a great flavor and you really get full from it. I am so sold! I can't wait to get some more and try out lots of different recipes. Or let Trent try lots of recipes, more probably.