Monday, December 08, 2008

Fun but chillllly weekend. Friday night's riding lesson was awesome, it is coming back quickly and I feel less like a big mess each time. I actually think I helped train instead of just having a good time. Not as much jumping as last time, as I didn't want to make Ashely hobble around and set stuff up for me, but I am also FAR less sore this time, so maybe a good trade off. I was warm enough, until I got off and then immediately froze. We toweled him dry (and the horse wore the fanciest black velour cooling sheet I've ever seen) and headed home. Trent had made spinach gnocci and intense garlic bread for dinner and off to bed.

Up early early Saturday morning for a group trail run through the forest. We went for about an hour and it was chilly but gorgeous. And Sadie had a fantastic time. Once she realizes that we are in this run for longer than her normal 20 minute jaunts, she learns to pace herself and falls in line with the rest of us. Super adorable. Afterwards Paul, Sheila, Trent and I headed to Elmo's for breakfast after we found Weaver St had no indoor tables. I had delicious pancakes and eggs, and lots of hot coffee to warm up. Lots of UC Davis gossiping going on.

Home and immediately out again to meet up with Stephen and Amanda. We walked to their perspective home, which is exactly the same design and age as ours, but much better kept. I had fun snooping around the house and trying to identify the plants they will inherit (I am kinda jealous!). Trent was the second opinion to the professional inspector, even going under the house with him. All in all, the house checked out fine and they are progressing with the sale. So exciting, it is adorable and has a fenced yard for their enormous dog, which will be great. And only another block away.. so I guess we can manage.

We walked back and we all went to Carrburrito for lunch. Yummmm. From there the boys headed to Lowe's and Amanda and I walked home, chatting about the home and the upcoming wedding. They are busy folks! We ended up at their house watching the UF vs. Alabama game, both her dad and brother are faculty at UF so she is a Gator fan. I walked home and met up with Trent who had gotten all sorts of goodies at Lowe's, including new lamps for the living room. Finally! I've disliked the lamp in there for wayyy too long, but Trent is very picky.

We were supposed to go to a friends house for a bonfire and such, but somehow got inspired to clean out closets and donate clothes, so we rode that wave instead. By the time we were done, I was beat from the long day, and we went to bed.

Relatively calm morning, I got to work on my latest project for work which requires me to read enormous stacks of papers to become an expert in a field I am not too familiar with. Stephen came over and the boys built things in the backyard, and worked on the pallet fence, which I finally took pictures of but forgot to bring to work. I made baked potatoes with homemade chili to warm them up, but was otherwise cloistered in the office trying to work. A quick trip to lab for me and a crew meeting for Trent and then back home. Trent watched "Into the Wild," and I tried to stay focused. I have a definite game plan now for this project, just have to pitch it to the boss.

There was ice on my bike seat this morning. Yikes. But I had to ride because we have yoga at 5pm with the crew team at Franklin St. Yoga and I am terrible at the buses. I was SO bundled up for my ride in. I cannot wait to go to Mexico. I am going to wear a bikini the entire time.