Friday, December 05, 2008

Week Recap

'Twas a good after birthday week. Including;

1. Lots of working out, including a weight lifting class which I hate with a passion but am trying to do because I think lifting is important, but have no idea what to do and I stare at the clock willing it to move faster and then laugh because my mom does the same thing in her classes.

2. Lots of hanging out with the crew team. Late night runs that I got to help lead (Yay moderate pace group!), dinners at the dining hall including witnessing birthday serenades, and a very confused assistant coach who didn't understand that by "going to a bar to watch a game" we actually meant "go to a cute hipster hang out and drink wine and gossip while the game in on a tiny tv." Sorry Thomas.

3. Bright pink fingernails. Like neon. Makes me happy.

4. Some huge huge things on the horizon here at work. I am going to be obscenely busy for the next two weeks before Mexico, but could be huge for my career. If my boss thinks I can do it.. who am I to argue?

5. Deirdre and I have nearly the exact same outfit on today. Black leggings, grey tunic-y dress, ballet flats. We hung out last night, but I promise, this was not discussed.

6. Our neighbor's adorable wedding website. And helping her find the perfect sparkly reception sweater.

7. Lots of Spanish soap operas. I am actually getting kinda sucked in to one of them. Que dramatico!

8. Frosty morning runs with Sadie in the forest. She is SO happy with this chilly weather.

9. Having amazing turkey barley soup every night for dinner because Trent made a stellar, and enormous, batch of it.

10. Starting to get in the holiday spirit. As much as I can with a looming Mexican holiday in my horizon.

I am off to get home, get dinner and head to Raleigh to go riding with Ashley. She sprained her ankle and is out of commission, so I get a real lesson tonight from her. Hopefully I won't be AS sore as I was last time. Other than that, this weekend has accompanying the neighbors on their inspection for the house they hope to buy, taking Christmas card photos, and lots and lots of work. Good times! Hope you all have a good one.