Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Good News!

I lived with a fabulous fellow for three out of the four years of college, from the dorms, to a huge party house we had no idea how to take care of, to a more manageable apartment. Throughout the whole experience, Garrett was sort of our "Papa G." He made sure we paid rent, didn't let the parties get too out of hand, ran with me at 11pm when I desperately needed to go running, and in general kept us in line. I feel the above picture summarizes the relationship a bit.

He married his highschool sweetheart the summer after our senior year. It was a beautiful wedding in Sacramento. They moved about Sacramento and just finished moving into a brand new house in Roseville. Just in time. They just announced that they are expecting! Papa G will really be a Papa! It is wonderful news. And I think Kristen will be about the cutest little pregnant one I've ever seen. Congrats roomie!