Thursday, December 11, 2008

Umm, hello?

It is 9:45 am. I am the only one here in lab. It is disconcerting.

Did I forget a meeting? Not that I was aware of. A fantastic talk? Nope. The memo that rainy days mean stay home in your jammies? Apparently, and I am kinda mad.

But I am also thinking it is a bit of an omen. I came in riled up and ready to give my boss a piece of my mind (after lots of wine and discussing the matter last night with Trent and the crew team, who bless them, give me unconditional support and convince me I am sure right about everything). Since he is not here, I've had to cool down a bit and come up with a list of rational reasons why I am not pleased and hopefully he will get here soon so I can discuss them and move on.

Ah, for now I am off to see if they still have my favorite pumpkin coffee at the library coffee shop. Shouldn't complain, I suppose.