Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Shark Party!

Just an hour after getting home, Amanda and Stephen picked us up to head over to Durham. Mike and Sarah (friends of hers from work) were hosting a Shark Party!

Shark head filled with popcorn...

Tiny sharks attacking people diorama...

They built this screen and set up speakers and projectors on the lawn.

We had shark themed beverages and watched Shark Attack 3. Possibly the worst movie ever, but hilarious in its awfulness.

Lots of giant sharks eating superimposed boats and terrible terrible dialogue. It was pretty hilarious. We stuck around for a while afterwards, debating the next terrible film to watch before Trent got too tuckered out and we headed home.

Sunday was catch up, time in lab, grocery shopping, library, working on the house. I went on another long run (pretty good, but hot and icky again) and called it a successful weekend!