Monday, August 31, 2009

Weekend Recap

A few highlights of my weekend:

1) Being an uber-nerd on Friday and working late, but leaving to have dinner with Trent, Paul and Sheila, and Joel and Becca and Baby Eden, who spent the summer in upstate New York and is looking much bigger!

2) Having to leave dinner early to go back to lab (nerd!).

3) Trent picking me up from lab at 9pm and going to see District 9 with Adam and Corienne. I loved it. Kinda gorey, and creepy aliens, but the social message was really interesting and well done.

4) Going back to lab after the movie. I am so lame.

5) Up early Saturday, Trent off to crew, I went riding with Ashley. Hadn't seen her since she left our lab, but seems very happy in her new post-doc. I had a great ride, did way more jumping than I have in years, and have very sore legs and blistered hands to show for it. It was SO much fun though. We went to a fancy-dancy tack store afterwards, which reminded me how much STUFF you need to ride, and then out to lunch to chat. Very fun morning.

6) Quick stop at the REI sale to stock up on caffeinated Gu's. Yum.

7) Met up with Trent and we wandered around downtown Carrboro. Trent got some new coaching clothes, I pined over new running shoes, and we shared a beer and snack at Weaver Street. Decided to grill fish for dinner so went to Tom Robinson's shack and picked up some delicious fresh red fish.

8) Invited Stephen and Amanda to dinner. Panic massive house clean up ensued. Great motivation.

9) Trent and Stephen bbq'd the fish, and we had amazing fish tacos with cabbage, black beans, salsa, avocados, the works. They brought a giant watermelon for dessert and we all watched my Dad's birthday video. Lots of wine and chatting.

10) Sunday morning was bike ride time. Trent headed off with Paul and Stephen for a massive ride, while Steph and I did a fantastic 25 miles. Very fast and fun. She is a great riding partner!

11) Home to eat lots of watermelon and mac and cheese with Trent. We were both exhausted! Watched a terrible 90's movie about a Canadian expedition to climb Everest. Terrifying and cheesy.

12) Finally rallied for a massive yard clean up. I mowed and weedwacked, while Trent trimmed trees and organized. Looks a million times better.

13) Sweaty and gross, decided to go to the community pool. Swam for about 45 minutes, felt great to be in cold water and stretch our sore muscles.

14) Too tired to cook, we headed to a local pizza place with a Sunday special. One large cheese and a pitcher of beer later, we headed home and fell right to sleep.

Great weekend!