Monday, August 10, 2009

Weekend Recap

It was a great weekend. That started a little early. I worked late several nights last week, overwhelmed with too many experiments and too much on my plate. After a crazy Thursday night, I was exhausted and beat down. Time for a break.

So Friday, we headed to the beach. Mini-vacation! I took the dog running and Trent went swimming with the boys, and then we headed to the shore. We were there around noon and just spent the afternoon lounging on the beach, frolicking in the sea, reading New Yorkers, and relaxing. After a couple hours, we broke for snack (french fries and root beer floats!!). Back to the beach for a while longer, more swimming and napping. We headed to an adorable "drive your boat up and park" bar and restaurant. Had a couple cocktails (delish!) before Trent got a softshell crab sandwich and I had a big salad with ahi tuna for dinner. Watched the boats go by and headed home. Back by 10:30pm. Stephen and Amanda were nice enough to dog-sit that evening, so it was a perfect little getaway. Recharged.

Saturday was fairly relaxing. Trent and the boys went on a 60 mile bike ride while I putzed around the house. It got ridiculously hot by the afternoon, so we headed to the mall. Terrible idea. It was tax-free weekend, so a total zoo! We left the mall and retreated to our kind of place, TJ Maxx! Scored some fabulous new jeans and aviators. Stopped by Sam's Club for tons of produce. Paul and Sheila came over for bbq steaks and brought delicious tomatoes from their garden. We threw together a big salad and had a lovely dinner. They shared the happy news that they are expecting a little one! We are so happy for them. The baby is due on Valentine's Day.

Sunday we were up early to get a run in before the heat got too bad. We did about 2 hours with Paul in the forest. It was super hot, but great to get a long run in. Back to the house to eat watermelon in the yard and cool off. I went and played with Jersey and the kitten Gus at Stephen and Amanda's house (they went up to Asheville). Crazy kitten! We spent the rest of the day cleaning, working on projects, and relaxing. We went over to Paul and Sheila's for dinner, more bbq! Awesome. Home to a clean house and tuckered out dog (she did the 2 hour run with us, plus an extra sprint after a deer, she was exhausted!). Fun times chatting with my brothers in California, went to bed dreaming of my upcoming trip out there this Thursday. Can't wait!!