Thursday, March 03, 2011

Ah yes...

I had forgotten that the universe does not like it when I proclaim my contentment with life.

My punishment this time was Pilot going missing at 10:45 last night. We spent several frantic hours stomping around in the forest and probably annoying the neighbors, then an uncomfortable night's sleep worrying about my poor little bear out in the forest.

Then the morning spent posting flyers all over town and calling every vet and shelter.

However, it was just a warning... I got a call that he'd been dropped off at the shelter (apparently there is a night drop box sort of thing?) and could get claimed at noon. Frantic trips around town to take down all the flyers and call all the nervous vets and he is safe and sound back home.

12 hours of anxiety to remind myself to not get too ahead of myself. I am exhausted.

(He went missing about 20 minutes after making this video, in response to that hilarious slow loris being tickled video that Emily sent me. He was tired and not as cooperative with his acting...)


MrsEm said...

The fame obviously went to his head!

Lesley said...

That video is adorable. I can't wait to come see him. So glad you got him back safe and sound.