Monday, March 14, 2011

Rest of Spring Break (and the weekend) Recap!

Thursday: Tons of fun seminars. I was on seminar overload last week. But fun. Met up with Trent after work for lifting weights and swimming. Tapering running is the hardest part of marathon training for me! Quick dash to Sandwhich for their hamburger specials, with a side of mac and cheese (eating lots is my favorite part of marathon training!). Trent headed off to a city planning meeting and I went home to hang with Pilot.

Friday: Trent's up and off to Georgia. Nice short run with Pilot before leaving him out of his crate for the day. Not usually a problem. However, today he had some problem with one of the pillows... Naughty. I worked all day on finishing the LAST FIGURE of the paper and emailing frantically with my boss. Also starting to panic about hosting a super fancy scientist this Tuesday. Yikes. Home to find the pillow fiasco, but no time to deal with it as I was off to meet up with the LUNA Chix for dinner. Such a fun mix of women, students, mothers, professionals, it will be a great opportunity. Big Cobb salad for dinner (hooray avocado!) then home to deal with the pillow massacre and play with Pilot.

Wee hours of Saturday morning: Apparently the pillow did not sit well with Pilot's digestion. We were up every two hours for a visit outside. I was happy he woke me up, but man.. I almost feel like I know what a newborn would be like! Of course, each time I woke up I could not fall back asleep due to panicking about all the terribly ways my hosting the scientist could go wrong (mother!). Not the best night, especially with Trent gone.

Saturday: However, managed to get up reasonably early and head out on a bike ride with my LUNA Chix roommate, Nidhi. She is a public health professional in Orange County and it was great to get to know her better and get a lovely ride in. Quick change and off to Deirdre's annual St. Patrick's breakfast. She gets traditional meats shipped in from New York, this is serious business. I brought a pineapple.. I've been obsessed lately. Fun to see lots of science friends and enjoy a delicious breakfast. The day was too nice to be inside, so I headed home and took Pilot to the dog park. Lots of good friends and tons of running, it was just what he needed. Home to clean house before Trent got home around 4pm. They did great at their races, hopefully it will be a good year! We immediately headed over to Rebecca and Eric's house to meet baby Ingrid. She is SO adorable, tiny and mellow. I held her for a couple hours (swoon) while Trent played with Hayden who is a great big brother and we caught up with the parents. Everyone is doing great, they are very happy. I brought a pineapple. Naturally...

Wanted a nice dinner, but did not want to go out to eat again, so we stopped by Tom Robinson, our fish shack, to pick up a big piece of striped bass. Trent grilled, I cooked some asparagus and rice and we caught up on Fringe on Hulu. To bed early, everyone was exhausted!

Sunday: Lazy morning, Pilot and I headed out into the forest for a long easy run. Lots of stops to admire all the plants sprouting, play in the river for a while, and play off leash with friends. It was 70 degrees and just perfect. Black bean and egg tacos for breakfast and then I headed off for a grocery extravaganza. Never send me to Sam's Club by myself. I am in love with fruits and veg, and I can't believe how cheap it is there. We have enough produce now to feed a small army. Lots of big salads this week. Quick stop by Target and Ross and then over to meet up with Trent at the crew boys house to watch the last ACC championship game (we sadly lost.. to Duke! ew). Good thing Katy made delicious cake to soothe everyone. Home, big salads for everyone, quick nap on the lawn in the sun, then lots of work for both of us. Trent took off at 7 for group meeting and wasn't home until 11:30. Yikes.

I am picking up my big shot scientist from the airport tonight. Miraculously, a lot of details fell into place today, so I am feeling much better about his visit now than I was yesterday. It should be lovely. Hope everyone has a great week!

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