Monday, March 07, 2011

Weekend Recap

Fantastic weekend. The theme (at least for me) was being open to new adventures, last minute changes, and not planning anything, just going with the flow. And it worked out marvelously.

1) Friday night, last minute meet up with the lab downstairs and other science friends for dinner at Milltown. Deirdre, Trent and I shared two entrees and lots of good conversation. Nice way to finish up a good week.

2) On my way, I got a call from my new running friend Kim. She is ver organized when it comes to running and is training for the Boston Marathon. We ran 18 miles together last weekend at 6am, so I was a little nervous to run with her again (I am not a morning person!) but this time she suggested 13 miles at 8am. Much more reasonable. We went with a few of her running friends and did the last few miles of the marathon I am running in a couple weeks which was great. Running while getting to meet new people, two of my favorite things combined! She dropped me off back home around 10.

3) Big omlette for breakfast and a bit of cleaning before heading to the dog park for a puppy date with Abby and her owner, Alysse. Pilot loved it. Alysse and I discussed how we had not seen a "Kings Speech" so decided to go to the matinee that afternoon. Sure, why not?!

4) During the dog park, got a call from Amanda. Stephen is out of town for crew spring training, and she is due in three weeks, so we are all very anxious. Her parents are up visiting. She wanted to meet up for lunch at Weaver Street (where Trent was studying in between crew practices). Drove over and had a nice lunch on the patio with her and her parents. Also, she realized she had Stephen's basketball tickets, did we want them? It just happened to be the EPIC Carolina vs. Duke game. Of course!! So exciting.

5) Quick walk back home to drop off an exhausted Pilot before Alysse picked me up. We loved the movie, so well done.

6) Dropped off at home and a little more cleaning and a quick nap. Got dressed in our finest Carolina gear before meeting some of Trent's classmates downtown for a pre-game drink. Walked to the Dean Dome and got to be a part of the best game I have ever seen. It was intense, but we won, snagging not only incredible bragging rights, but winning the ACC regular season. And it was senior night, so all the seniors got to play and their parents were there. It was amazing to be a part of. We stayed to watch the team cut down the net (because of winning ACC) and then went down to Franklin Street to be a part of the celebrations. Lots of happy undergraduates.

7) We then met up with some crew folks at a SUPER southern undergrad bar before realizing that was not our scene. We headed to Carrboro with a quick stop at a sandwich truck for a recharge (ohmygoodness, grilled cheese with guacamole sandwich at midnight = heaven). We were with our friends Chris and Katy, who are getting married this summer and both just graduated from UNC. They were lamenting how they used to know everyone but people have left. I was telling them they just had to find their new niche, and how Carrboro was awesome for the "out of undergrad" lifestyle. Lo and behold, Trent and I knew about 80% of the people at the Station, our favorite bar in Carrboro. Professors, scientists, neighbors, our dear friend Patrick who was visiting from DC, bike shop folks... it was almost unreal how many people we saw. I think we impressed Katy and Chris that there are friends outside of undergrad! Lots of dancing until we were finally exhausted in the wee hours of the morning.

8) Up feeling surprisingly good. Pilot and I went on a nice run around the neighborhood before the rain came. Lots of cleaning, working on the manuscript, planning the week. Lovely midday nap as well. Trent had morning and afternoon practices, so was in and out. I helped him get ready for a study group/dinner party he was hosting, then snuck off to the pool for a recuperative swim. Felt great to stretch out. Quick grocery shopping, then back home where the study group was in full swing. I worked for a few more hours and then crashed. But right before we went to bed we got the wonderful news that Rebecca had her baby!! 3:30 am Sunday morning, Ingrid Edith Halverson was born, 7lbs, 11oz. A few days late but the delivery was easy and everyone is doing great. They didn't find out the gender, and I was sure it was a girl, and I was right!! First of the spring babies. Can't wait to meet her.

Nice week ahead, it is spring break, so Trent has a crazier than usual schedule with two practices a day and working full time. At least no classes! There are some amazing scientists coming to give lectures, including Nobel Prize winner, Dr. Steitz and his wife. Can't wait to hear them. I am hoping to turn in my manuscript draft to Bob by Wednesday, unbelievable. Hope everyone has a great week as well!

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