Friday, October 13, 2006

Week in Review

Happy Fall everyone. It certainly has started to arrive here. This week has been actually pretty great, although busy as usual. Some highlights-

1. Ask real nice and the girls at Old Navy will go out of their way to find you the right sized pants. Also, switching the buttons on those pants makes them 100x's better. This sweater.. not cute in person however.

2. Trent going away for business is rough. I tend to eat only Triscuits and cottage cheese and be lazy. However, thanks to my excellent friends Kelly and Dierdre, this time wasn't too bad. We did lots of kickboxing and dinners together to keep me from being too sad. And it helps when he comes back with lots of nerdy science magazines and the latest gift from Clinique. What a man!

3. Michael Pollan, the author of "The Botany of Desire," one of my all time favorite books, as well as the more recent "Omnivore's Dilemna" came to speak at UNC on Tuesday. It was absolutely lovely. It made me excited to go to Farmer's Market and the local dairy this weekend!

4. Everyone of higher rank than I has left the lab this week for a Neuroscience conference in Atlanta. Which makes me boss. Which is funny because I have been here the least amount of time. But great because I get to teach the young'ns which makes me realize how much I do know about this crazy science stuff.

5. Next week is going to be one dark week for the frogs. I apologize ahead of time.

6. My students have become my pride and joy. I am almost a little territorial now that the actual professor is back, not that he actually teaches them anything. And not that they don't drive me crazy a lot of the time. It is just great to see them actually learning, and knowing I had a part in that.

7. UNC had it's birthday yesterday. I love being at a school with such a rich history. The bell tower played our fight song and then the happy birthday song and we all ate cake. A lot of the professors got all dressed up in their University regalia. Turns out UNC's doctoral gown is pretty spiffy. Trent and I are thinking of going to the UNC v. USF football game tomorrow. Tonight is Midnight Madness, officially kicking off the beginning of what looks to be a very promising basketball season. Go Heels!

Not too many plans this weekend, although the NC State Fair starts this weekend in Raleigh and there is some grad student birthday celebrations this evening. I am looking forward to relaxing with my bubs and watching the leaves start to turn. Have a great weekend!