Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Friend Appreciation

This past Sunday I was seriously studying some bacterial tranformations and other genetic analysis techniques, at my new favorite study locale "Padgett Station," sipping on a coconut iced latte and making beautiful notes with my trusty 4 color pen (essential). And I had to stop mid conjugation (hahah) and think of my dear friend Haley. The fates threw us together into a tiny tiny room/broom closet 5 years ago at Davis, and it was such a gift for me. This girl put up with my shennanigans for the next 4 years. And we managed to have the perfect balance of having an amazing amount of fun and also getting outta there in 4 years with Bachelors of Science, not an easy task. We spent countless hours at "Crepeville" in Davis, drawing benzene rings and practicing our 20 amino acids with our four color pens and lattes. Haley is now in Oregon, taking classes in Newport and getting ready to attend OSU for a Masters/teaching credential program. I could not be happier. We chatted on Sunday, catching up on old times and the latest happenings. I am such a lucky gal.

Plus, thanks to Haley's awesome coaching, we finally won our division in innertube water polo, and even went all the way to the playoffs!!