Sunday, October 01, 2006

Wrightsville Beach, NC

This Saturday we went to the coast for the first time. It was BEAUTIFUL. I can't even believe it. We left pretty early and by the time we arrived (about 1.5 hours) I felt like our dog Penney on the way to the beach, just dying to get out and get in the water. But then I had the initial, "oh, the water is going to be super cold..better tiptoe in." But.. then I noticed all the people surfing and playing around.. WITHOUT WETSUITS. The water was delicious, not too warm, but comfortable enough to hang out and play. We enjoyed the sea for a bit before getting out and walking about a mile up the beach where we lucked out finding "The Oceanic," a very nice restaurant that all of Trent's coworkers recommended. We sat out on the pier and had all sorts of sea food, crab, shrimp and mahi mahi, and nice La Crema chardonnay from CA, to celebrate Trent's birthday in style. So full, we walked back to the other pier where our car was and took a quick nap on the nice white sand. Then back into the sea to frolic around for a bit more. Getting out, we ran into (SMALL WORLD!) a fellow graduate student Anna and her husband Chris. What are the chances. We drove around the town for a bit but decided to head back home that night since Trent is still getting over his cold and I had to go into lab for a bit.

Such a lovely day. Today we are going on a long bike ride and then have the James Taylor concert this afternoon. Happy October, I hope your fall weather is as lovely as ours. Enjoy the pictures!

The yellow boat is exactly the same as my Dad's boat. The dingey we found is dying for his TLC. We found lots of houses for sale, for actually affordable prices. Open Atlantic on one side, the inner passages just a block away filled with beautiful boats.. sounds like an ideal retirement spot??