Monday, January 05, 2009

The Proposal!

Okay, here's the engagement story.

So, once Trent found we couldn't explore the ruins by hiking all over them, his first idea of a great proposal site, he knew I was super excited about Isla Mujeres and wanted to get out there. He was right.

After our yummy dinner, went went on a long walk on the beach. For those who know me well.. this is where I do my best thinking/life decision making. Except on this beach, I was pretty hyper. I kept trying to go into the ocean, and bouncing from one place from the next. We were laying on some lounge chairs and looking at the stars, but he couldn't get the ring out of the dental floss box he has been stashing it in for safe keeping, in time before I dashed off. Same for the lovely swings we found. Finally we were about to get back to the busier part of town and he stopped me with a big hug and kiss and said all sorts of sweet things and asked me to be his partner forever.

I was totally surprised, only about 4 seconds before he asked did I have any clue. We took a few moments to let it all sink in before I had to dash off to a streetlight to get a better look at my gorgeous ring. I love it. More on it in another post.

We strolled back to our pink paradise and stayed up late talking about what we want from life and from each other and the daunting task of planning a wedding that encompasses all we love and our tiny budgets.. but decided we were excited for the challenge.

I couldn't be happier.