Monday, January 19, 2009

Weekend: Homesteading

We are being effected, although mildly, by the cold front freezing the East coast. While we are no where near the temps up North, we are completely caught off guard by any sort of chilly weather. So this weekend was pretty mellow.

Friday night we had dinner with Stephen and Amanda to celebrate their successful and busy week. They got married, bought a house, continued to plan for their upcoming wedding, all with grace and ease. Pizza and champagne (our home buying traditional meal) and lots of conversation.

Saturday was so so so cold. We were supposed to go running with Paul and Sheila but wimped out when NPR said temperatures that sounded like curse words to my ears. Trent and I headed to Durham to pick up an outboard motor that fell in the lake and then went to TJ Maxx and Marshalls for some discount shopping.

Trent had 8 tons of gravel delivered on Friday, so Stephen, Amanda, and Jersey came over to help us move it around. We managed to fill in the driveway and the path to the side door before getting too cold. We still have about half of the giant pile left, but the it looks so much better already, and it is great not having muddy feet all the time. We wanted to fill in the path Emily and Rob helped us dig, but the ground was frozen solid! Yikes.

I went into full style homesteader mode after this. I baked a loaf of sourdough and a garlic rosemary bread that came out like a ciabatta, but no complaints. I also made a huge pot of minestrone-esque soup, so the house smelled delicous. Trent and Stephen were still working outside, so I headed to the gym for an excellent workout.

Home, and then off to have dinner at Paul and Sheila's house. They made delicous steak and potatoes, perfect for the weather, and we chatted for hours. They got married at Heavenly ski resort, so we had lots of questions for them. After, we went over to Blaire and Kyle's house to watch the basketball game with Kirston and Rob (maybe this weekend's theme was "hanging out with couple friends"). Luckily UNC did an excellent job including an unbelieveable string of 3-pointers by Wayne Ellington.

Sunday was still chilly but not as bad. Trent was feeling a little under the weather, so we snuggled up to watch movies in the morning. Grocery and birthday present shopping, plus a trip to the library before retreating home. I went on a long (and chilly) run with the dog and we did a major cleaning blitz. Trent cut my hair (short and cute!) and clipped the dog (she is a shaggy mess) a bit. Back to the homesteading theme. Dinner and then snuggling down with our library books under lots of blankets.

Mellow weekend, but nice. Working today, but leaving early to go to yoga and home to hang out with my boy. Happy MLK day and hope everyone is staying warm!