Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Lifelong Student

I biked to the community pool last night, and met up with Trent after his evening crew practice. We wanted to get one last big swim workout in before the race this weekend. Our timing was tight, so we decided to just swim straight for 45 minutes to get the most out of our time. And to mimic the race.

But, this is so boring. We stopped occasionally to chat or adjust goggles, but after a while it became very peaceful and meditative. I tried to remember the plots of the last few "30 Rock" episodes, listed the 50 states a couple times, and then decided to count for a thousand meters using each lap as a year of my life. Which is 40 laps, but I got to use those last ones to "plan ahead."

Except for the early ones, and one year when I was 23, my entire life can be recalled based on what "year" I was in school. Not saying this is a bad thing, pretty happy with my life, but interesting. What will I do in a couple years when I am not in school any more?!

Speaking of school years, yesterday was the last day of school. Robert Earl Keen, shirtless boys in khaki shorts and Sperry's drinking PBR in cozies, huge waterslide. Southern campus celebration in full swing!