Monday, April 27, 2009

Weekend Recap

Weekend was fabulous, not quite as much working out, but a lot more napping under the mulberry tree. Highlights included;

1. Discovering a little oasis on our long run and playing with Sadie in a creek.

2. Library book, quilt, ice tea.

3. How much better our yard looks with a freshly mowed lawn and trimmed hedges.

4. Dinner out in Raleigh, meeting new folks, and celebrating Corienne's birthday.

5. A super super clean house.

6. An impromptu al fresco dinner party, Trent grilled fish and chicken, I made all sorts of taco fillings and we built a table on the lawn (need lawn furniture!). Stephen and Amanda, Corienne and Adam, and Adam's old roommate Rebecca joined us. So much food, grilled peppers, guacamole, it was all delicious and fun to eat on the lawn with no mosquitos (yet!). Sadie and Jerz played like mad and we had homemade mango icecream for dessert.

7. Trent got me a lovely blue LeCruset 5qt pot. I've wanted one of these for ages. I am excited to try my sourdough no knead bread without the fear of heating our non-stick to 500 degrees.

8. I found my orals reward purse. At TJ Maxx. Huzzah. It is so "Jean," it is ridiculous. I will take pics.

Sitting in a dark room now, which seems sacreligious since it is gorgeous outside, but I am actually getting nice looking data (seems like it has been forever). I keep exclaiming quasi-blasphemous phrases, it is that exciting. I am such a nerd. Hooray for data. Happy Monday.