Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wedding Wednesday

Oh ya.. I have that little nuptial event on the horizon, don't I? I am so excited for it, but completely at a loss as to what "wedding planning" means. Fortunately, I have Emily on the job and she is doing a terrific job. Here's what is on my list:

1. Location and Date! Still "to be decided." I know, I know. But we are heading home at the end of May and hopefully will get everything booked and decided. I need to do a lot of organizing and internet-ing before our trip.

2. I am wearing THE family dress for the ceremony. It is too drop dead gorgeous and full of family history to not. And it fits like perfect, so yay. Need to find a fun "second dress" still.

3. Flowers. Whatever is gorgeous and fun at the SF Flower Mart the week before. I am hoping for bright dalias and rannunculus and the like. Need to find mason jars or other cheap vases, hopefully on Craigslist. I am thinking of doing my own bouquets. Terrible idea? Flowers are so pretty on their own.. throw some together with a ribbon and even better, right? I made my prom date's bouteneir in high school.. is that too ambitious though?

4. Catering. Still have high hopes for Picante's, the mexican restaurant in Berkeley. Will meet with them and try it out when we are home for the visit.

5. Music. Hopefully some harp by Trent's mom and/or aunt and managing of the dancing tunes by Trent's friend Ken who is an excellent dj. I am still on the lookout for a mariachi trio, if the budget allows I think that would be fantastic.

6. Officiant/vows. We will be writing our own vows, but are considering having a Unitarian officiant. We both spent time in the Unitarian church when we were growing up, and have gone here a few times. And there must be some terrific ones in the Bay Area. I guess I will just do some internet research?

7. Decorations. I will be spending some time in the Mission when I am in the city, looking for papeles picados and other festive touches. I am thinking of making some tissue paper pom-poms or flowers in addition.

8. Hair and make up. No idea. Probably just do ourselves. And by ourselves, I mean my highly talented friends and family.

9. Invites. Emily is doing wonderful things with design and creation of the invites with a Gooco printer. Need some dates and locations before she can finalize anything though.

10. What else? I am sure there are a million things. First, where and when!!