Monday, April 06, 2009


Fabulous weekend. Worked hard on Saturday with breaks for trips to farmers market, working in the garden, and long runs with Sadie. Watched the phenomenal final four game at Blaire and Kyle's house, with my date Amanda. Luckily Trent got back from a terrific race just in time to watch the final minutes and accompany us on our walk home.

I decided to take a break on Sunday. Trent and I went on a 2.5 hour road bike ride (we are remembering we have that half Ironman in a few weeks!!) complete with a ice cream stop at Maple View. The ginger flavor was amazing. Got home just in time to head to my bread class. I learned the science of kneading, the proper oven technique, and made a beautiful baguette. And left with my very own Weaver St sourdough starter. I am so jazzed to try to make my own. We grilled steaks and tossed around the football in our yard, it was a terrific warm spring evening. Lots of rain overnight to water my babies (cucumber, tomato, lettuce, basil, and rainbow chard).

Trying to get back into work mode today, but having a hard time getting motivated. I am burnt out! And SO SO SO excited for tonight's game! We will be heading downtown, but if it gets too crowded we may retreat to mellow Carrboro to enjoy the show. They have been SO good lately.. it would be amazing to be a part of such a moment. Fingers crossed.

One week from today I will be done!! And sleeping. Yay. I am sick of these crazy science/oral exam panic dreams. And ready to start planning this wedding!!