Friday, April 24, 2009


I am very much looking forward to my first "free" weekend at home. It helps that the weather is ridiculously terrific. Here's what I am planning:

1. Horseback riding with Ashley tonight. Love that it stays light late enough that we can go at 6 and still have a couple good hours.

2. Long run tomorrow morning, early. It is supposed to get hot tomorrow.

3. Farmers market and breakfast with friends at Weaver St.

4. Home to mow the lawn, weed the garden, do lots of laundry and hang it on the line, get the house ready for our visitors next week (yay!!).

5. Make sandwiches with homemade sourdough bread, basil from the garden, and local cheese. Drink sunbrewed iced tea. Nap in the shade with Sadie.

6. Swimming at the fancy new community pool. The Half Ironman is next weekend. I am so unprepared it isn't even funny. Perhaps one crazy weekend of working out will suffice. Righhhhht.

7. Head to Raleigh to celebrate Corienne's birthday Saturday night.

8. Bringing back Sunday morning group mountain bike rides. Hopefully also bringing back post-ride breakfasts. I am thinking Johnny's for crepes and coffee.

9. More cleaning/yard working/crafting. Working on a few embroidery gifts for folks.

10. Sunday night yoga and hopefully bbq with Stephen and Amanda.

Hope you all have wonderful weekends ahead as well. Happy Friday!