Monday, September 07, 2009

Long Weekend Recap

Great long weekend, a definite balance between work and play, summer and fall weather. An excellent transition!

1) Friday, the usual. I worked kind of late (mostly being an open ear for my boss to discuss his frustrations with fellow professors) and came home for a nice run with Sadie. Trent got home from practice and we headed to Johnnys.

2) Absolutely bizarre band at Johnnys. About 6 siblings, all under 15, rocking out to AC/DC, Prince, Creedence Clearwater, everything. They were musically talented, but looked like the cast of Napoleon Dynamite. The kicker was the two 8-9 year olds in alligator shoes who were the back up dancers, with excellent James Brown moves.

3) Stephen met up with us and we met some folks who've been doing triathlons for ages and exchanged stories about Boston and such. Fun stuff.

4) Trent was up early for a long bike ride with his "team" of Stephen and Paul. I did 4 miles with the dog, and another 6 miles without her. Started to get hot, but felt great.

5) Headed out to Sandwhich to get lunch to take to lab.

6) Spent about 4 hours at lab, Trent doing his homework for his public health course, and I did lots of fly stuff. Boring, but good to get stuff done and nice to have company.

7) Quick grocery shop and frantic house cleaning before having Paul, Sheila, Adam and Corriene over for dinner. Trent grilled steaks and bell peppers, and we had a great green salad with all sorts of summer goodies and lots of sides. Great conversation and more people to watch my Dad's birthday video!

8) We had planned on going to the beach on Sunday, but when friends bailed, we decided to have a 'staycation' instead. It was awesome. First off, private rowing lessons. The lake was perfectly flat and gorgeous and we rowed in a double for about an hour. Trent is an excellent coach.

9) Off to Weaver Street for breakfast. Met up with our former neighbor Patrick and talked politics and academia.

10) Quick transition at home, to get into our swim suits and cut up lots of fruit. Lounged by Deirdre's pool reading New Yorkers and eating watermelon. Awesome.

11) Another quick transition and off to a matinee of the movie, "Extract." Very cute and funny.

12) Home and then off to Weaver Street with leftover steak sandwiches. We split a beer and worked on the ceremony. Until we heard an awesome band playing.

13) Wandered over to the station to "JawsFest 2009." They were playing all sorts of shark movies, surf rock bands playing, fantastic t-shirts. It was so Carrboro and fantastic. Called up Deirdre and she met up with us.

14) Headed to another venue, the Nightlight, for a concert that sounded good, but they hadn't started yet, so we went to another bar and met up with more friends. Wandered back to the venue, but were just in time to catch the end of the band we were interested in. The second band was not our style so we all headed out. Trent and I stopped by the Station for a little bit and then rode bikes home. Excellent 'stay-cation!'

15) Stephen and Trent went swimming in Jordan Lake, I ran the dog and then ran to work. Slightly overcast and cool all day. Trent picked Deirdre and I up, but then I realized I was supposed to teach today so had to head back to school. Gave an awesome lecture on the freshwater polyp Hydra and its amazing regenerative abilities before heading back home.

16) Met up with the "Team" for a run in the forest. Sadie, Trent, Stephen, Paul, Joel and myself. The boys had gone on a bike ride before the run, so it was fun to have fresh legs with all the boys exhausted.

17) Home, lots of laundry, a yummy potato, leek and bacon soup in the LeCru, a long bath for Sadie (she has a vet appointment tomorrow and was a bit stinky), a good movie to watch and an early bed time for all of us!

Happy Fall to us all.