Tuesday, September 29, 2009

New York!

Alrighty, here is the photo tour of Jean and Trent's impromptu trip to New York City!

Up early early Saturday morning, quick drive to the airport, easy flight to Newark. Here is the skyline coming into view. We arrived by 8:30 am.

Brett picked us up and drove us back to Brooklyn.

Where we met their adorable cats and got briefly settled. They live in Williamsburg. We tried to get breakfast around 10am, and it was hilarious how many places were closed. Hipsters don't do early. We found a great place though and had breakfast. Too dark for pictures though.

We quickly headed into Manhattan and to Central Park. On the way, of course, we managed to find the fanciest triathlon store ever. It was crazy!

Beautiful day in Central Park, we really lucked out with the weather. We walked and walked.

We found the OctoberFest Parade, with lots of German princesses and men in costumes. We tried to go to the official Octoberfest event, but the line was crazy long and we were not that dedicated.

We headed to the American Natural History Museum. I was excited about "Extreme Mammals!"

Cute picture with the hubs to be in front of the museum.

The museum was great, tons of exhibits for us science nerds. We spent a happy few hours, including a great planetarium exhibit. Space is awesome.

Snazzy science appreciators. We had lunch at a fancy mac and cheese place on the Upper East Side and ran into an old friend from UNC who is getting married this weekend. Fun to chat. We walked around Central Park some more and then headed back to Brooklyn. Trent and I wandered around Williamsburg while Brett and Errica grabbed a quick nap and then we rallied for a fantastic dinner at the Greek restaurant across the street from their apartment.

Amazing Greek food. And a Greek band. Terrific evening. We were exhausted and headed home afterwards.

The next morning, Trent and I got up early and went to the corner store to get fixings for breakfast. Once charged up, we headed back to Manhattan. We walked around New York University, the village, and Washington Square. Here is the beautiful archway.

We randomly encountered Gisele doing PR for a clean water organization she works for. Kind of exciting. She is about 6 feet tall and gorgeous, and 6 months pregnant. Cute.

The gang at Washington Square. Notice the people in lifevests behind us, they were also part of Gisele's organization.

Quick recharge with delicious ice coffee and cookies.

We went to a fancy soap store in the Village that had this amazing scrub. It makes your skin so soft. Definitely had to buy some.

Had to try Pinkberry. Oh goodness good. I would eat this everyday if we had one here. We met up with a friend of Trent's from high school who is now a lawyer and had a nice chat in the sun.

Walked through fancy SoHo, and stopped in crazy stores. Including a fancy fancy puppy shop.

We decided to take the ferry to Governor's Island. Inspired by a New Yorker article recently. It was a gorgeous day, a free ferry, and not too bad of a wait. Here is Brooklyn!

And a blurry picture of the Statue of Liberty. I love ferries.

We had picked up Mediterranean food for lunch and had a picnic on the island. Unfortunately, then my camera battery died. But Governor's Island was great, it used to be a naval base but is totally empty now. They had an art instillation that incorporated the whole island, each house/fort had its own art project. We spend a lovely couple of hours wandering.

Back with batteries, I had to laugh at the high security dogs they send to Governor's Island ferry station. Apparently not the top priority for security.

Ready to take a break we headed to a classic old bar, McSorely's. Up until the 70's, no women were allowed inside. There are two types of beer, light or dark, and you get two tiny pint glasses with each order. Which was fun, and trouble.


The gang, pleasantly tipsy. We made our way back to Brooklyn after this.

This is the top of their apartment. We enjoyed some beer and snacks on their roof while taking in the gorgeous view.

Sunset over the bridge! We went to an amazing pizza place that is their favorite and then out to a bar where their friends band was playing. Hipster paradise. It was a blast.

Our wake up calls in the morning.

My leg is super comfy apparently. Brett had to work and we wanted to give Errica a rest day before her marathon 3 full days of work ahead, so we headed out by ourselves. Back to Manhattan, getting of the subway near Times Square.

We did what we do best, walked and observed. It was fantastic.

Hustle and bustle.

A trip to NYC would not be complete without a gyro from a truck for Trent. It makes him terribly happy. We sat in front of the fancy Macy's and enjoyed. Then caught the train to the Newark airport, quick flight home, dropped Trent off at work. I used the rest of the afternoon to do wedding errands and relax for a bit. Back to work the next day. It was terrific, romantic, spontaneous, and awesome. Perfect pre-wedding getaway!