Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Pictures from the Triathlon

Luckily Amanda and Sheila were good tri-wives and went to the race on Sunday. And took pictures to share with us! Here is the full team, post race...

From left, Paul the prof friend from Davis, Erik the plastic surgeon, Thomas the assistant coach to Trent, Stephen and Trent.

All exhausted. It is amazing they all finished so close in time to each other.

Trent finishing. He was very happy with his bike and swim, but the run was pretty hard. Especially because of a brutal stairs workout he did with his team earlier in the week.

Paul finishing. Paul was an extra champion because he had JUST gotten back from 2 weeks of straight conferences, in Jackson Hole, Rome, and Montreal. He got back the day before!

Stephen dominated and did amazingly for his first race.

Paul and Sheila, Amanda and Stephen, and Trent and I went out to dinner last night at Acme for Trent's birthday. It was a lovely evening, delicious food and the joy of conversations with people whose lives so closely relate to yours. Science, careers, babies.. it was great.