Tuesday, September 29, 2009

This weekend's pictures..

I am determined to catch up. Come join me...

During our only free time during the conference it was rainy and cold. So delicious coffee and fancy organic chocolate was the perfect remedy. Deirdre agrees.

British post-docs having their first American hot dogs. We know how to have a good time.

This pretty much sums up the rest of the genetics retreat. Good science, lots and lots of drinking and rowdiness with colleagues. Highlights include heart to heart with my boss about marriage, a gleeful reminiscing of UC Davis with another professor and drinking 40's with my committee members.

Trent and team had a great time racing on Sunday, although the race sounded mighty hard. They all finished within about 20 minutes of each other and no one had flat tires or big troubles, which is great. I came home around 4 and at 5pm we headed out with Thomas, Stephen and Amanda to go to Erik's house for a bbq. Fantastic house in the forest, and his friend from work was an amazing baker and made this terrific "triathlon" themed cake, including a Ken doll's sunglasses and sneakers, a Lego medic, swedish gummy fish in the water, and a real watch. And it was delicious!!

We all had to get pictures of this amazing cake. From the left, Amanda, Stephen, Erik's adorable Portuguese mother, and Erik. Bonus Sheila laughing in the background.

The Frazongs! Stephen had a great race, finishing first out of the "team." He was pretty exhausted afterward though. Amanda was the good wife who went to both the crew race and the triathlon. Trent's boys crushed NC State, a great first race to motivate them to stick with the sport.

Me and my 28 year old fiance. I take advantage of this month and half that he is two years older than me. I am so proud of him for doing this race and doing so well, especially with all the other activities on his schedule. And inspiring all these teammates to give it a try, and that all his teammates completed the race successfully. Quite an accomplishment.