Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Heart Warming Tale of the Day

When we adopted Pilot, he was at the shelter with his brother. They'd been abandoned in a field and were best buddies. We got a pretty good amount of pressure to adopt both of them, but were really just planning on having one crazy puppy in our lives. So we left Mojo behind.

Super concerned, I checked daily to see if Mojo had been adopted. And then one day, just a few days after we took home Pilot, he was off the available puppy list. Hooray. We had all sorts of day dreams about running into him at the dog park or on a walk, but knew the odds were fairly slim.

However, today Trent was riding his bike to work (I had to go early to donate blood, huzzah!!) and passed someone walking their dog. And immediately had to stop. Could it be? The long lost brother. It was! So they got to talking and it was all very exciting. And then it got even better... they are in our puppy class!! Last week, our first class, dogs were not invited. But tonight, they get to reunite. I emailed the instructor and am dying to see a slow motion, 80's power ballad style reunion in an hour.

Oh happy day.

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