Monday, June 21, 2010


Another week full of lots of working out and working in lab. Fun to cut loose for the weekend.

Friday: Home to play with Pilot, taco truck, beers and a fantastic bluegrass band at Johnnys with Stephen, Amanda, Dave and Kristen. Bike ride over to the Local 506 to see Thao and the Get Down Stay Down's perform with Mirah. Great show, excellent company.
Favorite quote of the evening: "Between this crazy bike ride and Amanda's hair cut, I feel like a hipster" (Trent when riding from Johnny's to the concert)

Saturday: Hibernation mode. Could not wake up. Finally rallied and walked over to Farmer's Market with Trent and Pilot. Lots of delicious veggies, love it. Breakfast and relaxing before putting in a few hours at the bike shop. Walked over to Weaver Street afterward and made amazing fresh basil, tomato, goat cheese sandwiches on sourdough bread. Back to hibernation mode and a fantastic nap on the sofa while Trent worked on our new kitchen cabinet.

Finally rallied when Sheila and Paul invited us over for dinner. Lovely tacos and conversation and playing with Baby Alex. His eyebrows have come in (and you all know I am a fan of eyebrows) and he looks so expressive now.

Sunday: We were both up early. Rebecca, Amanda and Su came over at 7:30 to start our bike ride. Early, but it was already hot so we were happy to be leaving before it got scorching. We met up with Anne along the ride and did a pretty quick 22 miles. Su, Amanda, Pilot and I walked down to Weaver St for breakfast (he got all sorts of compliments for being calm... could our baby be growing up!?!).

Home to shower and cook up a salad for the bbq that evening at Rebecca and Erik's house. I roasted some farmers market beets and eggplant and cooked up a batch of quinoa. Mixed them all together with some olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt, pepper and torn fresh basil and left it in the fridge a few hours to marinate. Yummers!! Went over to the bike shop and promptly set off the alarm and spent some time with Carrboro's finest police. Small town, not a lot of excitement for the police so they were happy to come over. Very mellow day at the shop, but managed to sell a bike.

Home to get picked up by Stephen and Amanda and head to the bbq. The salad was a huge success (definitely have to make again soon) and Trent got dropped off at their house from his fun day of climbing. Paul and Sheila and Alex were there as well as Erik's roommate from med school and his wife and two kids.

Favorite quote: "I wish someone with long hair would pick me up and twirl me." The adorable three year old Mira, talking to me. Apparently my hair now qualifies as long and I was thrilled to twirl away.

Spent a lovely evening sitting out on their patio reminiscing about proms and discussing haircuts. Came home to call our fabulous fathers and clean house to get ready for the week ahead!

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