Monday, June 14, 2010

Summer Weekend

Friday night: Epic adventures with Jersey and Pilot at the dog park. Left them at the Frazong's house to recoup while we all enjoyed a cold beer and spicy spicy tacos from the truck at Johnny's. All of Carrboro was out and about, and it was nice to relax after a super busy, but very productive week at lab.

Saturday: Up early to go on another ride with the Luna Chix. Considering applying for the team, but this group is super cycling specific. Maybe I could be the runner/triathlete? We left at 7:30am, which was early but so necessary as it was broiling! We did 45 miles and I rode Trent's new CAAD9 and loved it. We are scoping eBay and Craigslist for a new bike for me!! Nice to chat with some new folks, beautiful scenery and I was happy with my ability to keep up, even for the nutzo sprint pace line for the last few miles.

Jumped in the shower, downed a smoothie, grabbed the lunch Trent packed me and headed to the bike shop. Sold a couple bikes, hooray! By the afternoon, a crazy storm blew in so the mechanic and I drank beer on the patio and watched the torrential rain. Once it stopped, I headed over to our friends Su and Chris's house to catch the end of their World Cup party. Excellent bbq, shots of Firefly (sweet tea vodka.. only in the South!), dancing to Wyclef in the parking lot. It was a blast. Made our way home and crashed.

Sunday: Slept in a bit, but it is too hot to stay in bed this mornings. Decided to head to Jordan Lake to cool off. Packed a picnic and grabbed the Frazongs and Jersey. It was a fantastic idea. The dogs had a blast in the lake (Pilot is an excellent swimmer, though his enthusiasm was mostly inspired by chasing Jersey into the water), munching on watermelon and farmer's market cheese and lounging by the water was perfect. We got there at 10am, it was already SO hot. Huddled up in the shade, but had to leave by noon or we would have roasted. Home to shower and nap some more, epic house cleaning/room rearranging, grocery shopping, cooking for the week. Met up with our neighbor friends Kristen and Dave to go see the documentary "Babies." Super cute and very educational. And adorable babies... never a bad thing. Home late to finish cooking and get to sleep. Lovely weekend!


rcpeters said...

Awesome. out here Luna Chics are runners. Ask Amber to fill you in. Don't you work in a bike shop, you should be getting a massive discount.

MissScientistSF said...

I do, but the only road bikes we can get are Marin or Masi. I am a fan of the Masi steel ones, but Trent thinks they don't have good cred. Thoughts? You have a Cannondale deal, right?

rcpeters said...

Some of the marin bikes look pretty sweet (carbon fibers is here to stay). I wouldn't go steel if racing/pack riding was the goal. I've got a deal on QBP ( Odds are you do to but don't know it (almost all bike shops place part orders through QPB).

Currently I rocking the TI cross bike with two different wheel sets. I get odd looks from racers and I get odd looks from tourers. But it's honestly been a great bike for doing it all.

rcpeters said...
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MissScientistSF said...

Ya, I get QBP. Just thinking about getting a new frame and using my nice components to build it up? Unless a sweet deal comes along. Trent loves the CL/eBay hunt so we will try that for a while. Let's go bike touring!!

rcpeters said...

I'm down with bike tours! I hear new Zealand Air flies bikes free. Flying the tandem anywhere is scary as who knows what the Airlines will charge, so location matters ;-)