Monday, June 28, 2010


Pretty awesome. Friday pool party was perfectly rowdy, Coors Light out of coozies, eating hotdogs and popsicles... while sitting in the slightly too warm pool. Fun to hang out with the youngins, even when it declines into naked swimming races and coming home with somebody's boxers in our stuff.

Saturday run was great, fun to catch up with Amanda and enjoy the sliiiighly cooler temps of the forest. Off to the bike shop and met up with Trent who managed to survive his charity century ride (just barely) and spent the afternoon lying on the cold concrete floor of the bike shop, eating pizza, while we watched the US vs. Ghana soccer game on Univision.

Home to nap and then off to the Wimbleton party. Fun times. Trent and I made it to the finals in the awesome tennis tourney (barefoot and miller high life in hand required) but lost to host Deirdre which seemed fair. Another night ended by sitting around in the pool.

Up early to bike with the ladies. We ended up splitting up and I really enjoyed pushing the pace a little more with Sheila and Amanda. Lucky to have such awesome ladies in my life. Home to eat watermelon on the patio. Perfect. Decided to head down to the Eno river with the hound. Did about a 1 mile hike before we got overwhelmed with the heat and bug-iness. Pilot had a couple good swims and I got to pick up lots of frogs. Stopped for sandwiches and spent the rest of the day trying to stay cool. Highlights include:

1) Timing how long the icemaker takes to make ice since we had eaten all of it...

2) Using the ice cream maker to freeze watermelon juice to have a cold drink.

3) Lying on the hardwood floor in Trent's boxer shorts crying hysterically while watching "The Blind Side."

Pretty sure we both had heatstroke, the whole afternoon was a blur. Finally rallied around 9pm, I went to lab and Trent made an awesome dinner. Oh man, this heatwave is killing us!

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