Friday, June 04, 2010

Ride the Divide

Last night we went out with a bunch of Carrboro bike folks to watch "Ride the Divide" at the community center. It was fantastic. Especially since multiple time winner, Matthew Lee, lives in Carrboro and hung out afterward to answer questions and then we all headed over to the Station to drink Fat Tire beer and toast his upcoming challenge to set the new record.

Ride the Divide is a "race" that goes from Banff Canada to the Mexican border along the continental divide. It is completely unsupported and there are all sorts of rules about not getting help and fixing things yourself if they break. About 5o people try every year and about 40% finish. Matt Lee usually finishes in about 17 days. Craziness.

Highly recommend the movie if it comes to your town, the scenery is breathtaking and incredibly motivating, we are already planning our next biking adventure!

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