Thursday, May 10, 2007

Slacker Post...

I was going to do a big, detailed, post about climbing a couple weekends back. But, it is already 2 weeks afterwards, and I just want to share the pictures and get it done. In brief, Trent and I, as well as first year bio grad Buddy and his girlfriend Jenny, drove up to Pilot Mountain where we met up with Chad, who works at Syngenta (the company Trent used to do potato PR for) and his wife Jeana. All in all, it was fantastic. The whole mountain was covered in great climbing spots that were easily accessible from the top (so you could set an anchor) and then either rappel or just walk around to the bottom (yes please!). It was Chad and Jeana's first time climbing and I think they are hooked. It was my first time in quite a while, but I actually had a great time. It was nice to be outside the whole day and hanging out with new friends.

Enjoy the pictures here. Also included in this album are pictures from pictures from the "crafting evening." In recap, everyone showed up, the boys all walked down to Franklin St to go to the bars, all the girls ate amazingly good food, drank too much wine and turned from highly motivated and well educated scientists into giggling and absurd seventh graders. Awesome times. Look how great my Martha sorbet cookies turned out. They were perfect for the warm evening!