Thursday, May 31, 2007


This last weekend was fantastic. We hung around Chapel Hill, played with our friends, and ate tons of summer fruit. Unfortunately, my camera is kind of on the fritz (new one on its way, hooray!) but I did grab a couple photos to share with you.

I was still a bit under the weather, so slept in a lot on Saturday. Luckily Trent has a new hobby that is right outside my window, the lathe! Here he is in action, turning a bowl.

He is getting pretty darn good at it and goes with our landlord once a month to a meeting of all "'lathe-ers" in the area. Fun times. Also check out my happy tomato plant!

Saturday night I helped organize my first ever bachelor-ette party. I think by nature they are bizarre, but we had a pretty good time cruising the town and making our friend Sarah do silly things. I don't think I have the right personality to throw a really "good" one.. But I do know a lot more after that trial run!

Sunday was a lot of lounging by pools, playing volleyball, eating good food, and being lazy. Quite fun. I also got to do a lot of gardening.. Check out my happy window box herb garden!

So yummy, and so handy, since the window is in the kitchen! I think my gardenia is finally going to bloom.. probably while I am gone, but still.. exciting!

Monday we went to a cookout (not a bbq, because we are in the South) with some bio friends and sat out and enjoyed the lovely evening temperature, Trent's awesome quinoa and edamame salad, and lots of lightening bugs.

It was a lazy and lovely weekend!!