Monday, March 30, 2009

Pretty House Pictures

Hey friends-

Two weeks from tonight.. I will be one happy camper. Hopefully. Or a miserable ball of goo.

I am nearing the end of my patience with this nonsense. I am sick of being so anxious about it! Ack. Proposal is done, just need to work on my talk and memories a bizillion factoids. No problem.

But life continues to be be pretty awesome, outside of the studying madness. Here are some more spring house pics.. because I just can't get over how adorable our house is a year later. Enjoy!

Trent wanted to try out his "recipe" for growing moss. Clump of moss, can of beer, into the blender. Yummers.

I was on a bread kick. Here is my okay attempt at honey wheat bread and my most fantastic "no knead" bread ever. It is delicious.

Sadie says "what the what" to the beer-moss smoothie application.

I will update to let you know how our science experiment goes. Look at that sweet path. Gracious.

Oh cute house. You look so much better than a year ago. Getting rid of the dead trees and the addition of the shutters was about 85% of the external improvement, but still...

Happy Spring Mr. Postman. Hope this cheers up your day.

Team Johnson hard at work. She is such a helper monkey.

I'm sorry.. another cute house pic. But seriously.. so so cute. Path is missing about 10 bricks.. gotta finish that off sometime.

I am trying to show off our underground drainage system in this picture. Take my word for it, it is pretty awesome.

This is where pobre Jean had to be when everyone else was out having fun. Not cool. So close to being done though!

Otherwise, the weekend included some FANTASTIC basketball. Go Heels! Have you seen this ridiculousness? So amazing. Ellington is still my favorite.. though Lawson being small and scrappy will always be near to my heart. Also, we became members of our fancy new community pool and had a great swim workout, hit up the local library, studied at the neighborhood coffee shop, went to a crazy play on campus and were otherwise stellar Carrboro citizens.

Happy Spring to you all!