Friday, March 13, 2009

Week Recap

What a week!

1. It was 70's and 80's for the majority of the week. I wore flips. It made me so happy.

2. It is currently about 45 degrees and rainy today. This winter/spring transition is having a tough time. Pear tree bloomed, planted seeds, tulips are about to pop.. and it is cold and drizzly.

3. If I go crazy, it will be because of Sadie's amazing shedding skills and wood floors. I vacuum everyday.

4. I have 16 pages of thesis proposal goodness sitting in front of me, with an extra 5 pages of citations. There are figures, aims, and subaims. I want to cry. But I also realize it will require a lot of work to shape up. But I've sent it to my boss and Deirdre, so they can have a go at it.. I might take the afternoon off.

5. Some people go to coffee shops everyday. This boggles me. Who are these people? However, there are some adorable "lifetime learners" in Carrboro who study and learn Spanish and I hope Trent and I are like them someday.

6. Trent and I have been ships passing in the night this week. He has been getting up at 5:30 for morning crew until 9, then work, then crew again from 5-7, then to sleep by 8pm or so. I've been rolling out of bed around 8, working all day and going to bed around midnight. We have a good hour at 7pm and I've been making yummy dinners.

7. I got homesick and made my mom's world famous olive chicken casserole. Man, that is good.

8. I am fluctuating between panic and being too overwhelmed to care.

9. I've done nothing wedding related except thinking these bridesmaid dresses might be cool. Although I am also flirting with just saying wear your favorite black dress and we'll jazz it up with flowers and bright shoes? Thoughts?

10. When I am done with my orals, I think I will reward myself with a few of these. Because they are SO cute. Thanks Jamie for the link. And, thanks Jamie for the awesome-est UNC shirt, I got tons of compliments at the Duke game. And that bonus shirt?!?! It might just be the coolest thing ever.. I am thinking of wearing it under a sweater for my orals for a little mantra power. I will post pics and details soon.

This weekend is rainy and gray so hopefully I will get lots done. I have to give lab meeting next week, but that might be good to motivate me to work on my presentation early. Trent's boys have their first big race tomorrow against Virginia Tech, Penn State, and Bucknell. They should do great. And then spring break practice is over, hooray. And tonight... I think it is jammies and catching up on tv on Hulu. Happy Friday!