Friday, March 06, 2009

Week Recap

It snowed on Monday and is 70 degrees today. Bizarro. And my week has been equally tumultuous. But like the weather.. it ended well.

1. Convinced ourselves that our favorite rotation student wasn't joining our lab.. until she announced she was on Wednesday! And she is going to work on things similar to my project which is terrific news. We'll be super productive.

2. Amazingly nervous about how soon my orals actually are. Going into full time writing/no science next week. Good motivation and I have a nice story line to tell.

3. Last recruitment weekend! Hooray.

4. Went from sick on Monday to going for a long run yesterday in the sunshine. Much prefer the latter. Exercise is my salvation.

5. So proud of Trent doing well on his biostatistics midterm. That class sounds hard and he really worked hard and I am thrilled he did well. And now it is sunny so he gets to lay brick to his heart's content!

6. I was super jealous that Trent's boss decided to take him to the Carolina vs. Duke game here this Sunday. Until I got invited by Amanda! Hooooooray. I even got a new shirt for the occasion! Thanks Jamie.

This weekend will include lots of writing, I just want to get all these words and ideas down and then work on arranging them most coherently. And hopefully planting my garden in the warm sunshine and enjoying watching Carolina destroy Duke with Amanda! Sounds pretty awesome.
Happy Weekend!