Saturday, March 21, 2009


Today is a gorgeous spring day. I have a little lift in my step after coming up with a novel line of thought in my research (which is tricky because my boss is the worlds expert on our field) and it seems quite feasible. Yay. Undecided whether this new set of experiments will make it into the thesis, but very exciting regardless. Speaking of the thesis, I am on my second draft and much happier with this version. Lots of work to do, but I am trucking along.

But today, Trent is up racing UVA (Go Heels!) and I am taking a bit of a break. And thought I would show off the beginnings of spring at the little house. Enjoy!

One of our azaleas, just getting ready to explode. Surrounded by snapdragons and pansies. Cute!

Sadie is a dedicated guardian of the newly seeded grass.

Started lots more veggies for the garden. Should be a good year.

Rode my bike to the farmers market and got a few goodies.

One of the inside gardenias is about to pop... I can't wait!!

Tulips are also getting ready to bloom... should be nice for the mailman!

The pear tree in bloom. It is much happier now that it isn't surrounded by mean Cyprus trees.

Gorgeous brick path, eh?

Baby grass filling in around the new path.

Hard to tell in this picture, but these flowers are blue and white. Go Heels!

The backyard tree. It is kind of sick and sad, but trying to bloom so we decided to leave it for a little bit longer.

Sadie loves getting a little sun on her pink belly.

Amanda and I went to an oyster roast last night at Johnnies, great conversation and Sadie and Jersey had a fantastic time playing in their backyard. Now back to work! Happy Spring!