Friday, November 20, 2009

Birthday Week!!

It's official.. it is the kick off of birthday week! I am a huge fan of birthdays and believe they should be given an entire week of celebration. My plan is to be extra kind to myself, hang out with people I love, reflect on my good fortune, and make definite plans for making my 27th year fantastic.

We got the week off to a great start last night. Trent and I met up with Amanda and Stephen at the Lantern for dinner. We got nearly all the appetizers on the menu, and some delicious cocktails, and were stuffed. Lots of good conversation and Thanksgiving planning.

Then we headed out to meet up with Thomas, Adam and Corienne to watch the Ohio State vs. Carolina basketball game. We were heading to Ham's, a truly undergrad, rowdy, southern place, but stopped in on a suspicion at the Crunkleton. Turns our our suspicions were right, our dear neighbor from our cottage days, Gary, made his dreams come true and opened a bar on Franklin Street. It was fantastic to see him, he made some friends move so we'd have a perfect spot to watch the game, and we enjoyed some delicious drinks. I am so impressed.

Between going to his bar last night, and heading to Jamie's store opening party tonight, I am feeling like an entrepreneurial slacker! We stayed there for half the game, and then some folks were starting to get tired. So we said our farewells, and headed off with Thomas to Goodfellow's to meet up with some varsity rowers. We had a blast hanging out with the undergrads, lots of good gossip, an aborted plan to go steal a cat from a cheating boyfriend, and a very close game that Carolina managed to pull off.

Trent and I peeled off after the game was over, but in true "young at heart" spirit, headed to Cosmic Cantina for a late night burrito before heading home. I love my husband, and I love defying all the admonitions that we'd not want to go out after we got married. I do enjoy cozy nights at home, but I also love meeting people together, being a social unit, and wearing short dresses and being his hot wife. :) Fantastic.

Lots more birthday celebrations to come! And lists! I love lists...