Thursday, November 05, 2009


So I am finally officially back, I feel. I had a crazy week with two presentations, lots of meetings and obligations, and now I am finally done for a bit at work. Science is going well, which is great, but keeping me very very busy!

Still waiting on our official pictures from the wedding (I go to his website about 10 times a day), but as soon as they are up, I will be sharing them.

Trent and I are settling into our fall schedules, he has morning practice at 6am, I run with the dog and we rendezvous for breakfast and biking to work. He occasionally has afternoon practice, and occasionally I am working late, so we are usually both home by 8pm. We've been cooking up a storm with all our new fancy gadgets and dishes, so dinner together watching the Daily Show on I usually stay up later to work or read, Trent is exhausted and asleep by 10.

Otherwise we've been: Writing tons of thank you notes, studying for the GRE's (Trent), dreaming about Thanksgiving plans, doing lots of yoga classes (me), and enjoying fall in Carrboro.

This weekend, Amanda and I are driving to the Outer Banks on Friday. We are staying in a rental house for the weekend to run the OBX marathon (her first marathon!). The boys have a race in Chattanooga, Tennessee on Friday and Saturday, but are driving all the way out Saturday night to meet up with us and so Stephen can run the race. We are staying Sunday night and heading back on Monday. Should be a nice little getaway. I am nervous about the marathon, as I did not have time/priority to train appropriately, but I just made an awesome running music mix that will hopefully keep me motivated and we'll see how it goes!