Friday, November 20, 2009

Weekend Plans

1. Heading to Jamie's store opening party tonight with Amanda. Champagne and cupcakes! And schnauzers!! Plus dinner and a cultural tour of Durham, thanks to Mae.

2. Taking new jeans in to get hemmed. $8. It is fantastic.

3. Finishing up the nerdy onesies!

4. Long run, I am ready and anxious to get out there. The weather is gorgeous!

5. Harmony's baby shower at 2pm.

6. Really want to see Pirate Radio, looks SO cute. And reminds me to put Love Actually on our Netflix cue.

7. A cautious amount of science. Things might be looking up but not getting my hopes up.

8. Pre-Thanksgiving cleaning and decorating. And grocery shopping.

9. Making lots of cranberry orange bread, always helps me feel festive.

10. Hopefully lots of snuggling, breakfast with friends, dance parties. You know, the usual.

Happy weekend all!