Friday, November 06, 2009

Making me happy today

Pictures of baby animals. I need a baby porcupine (via Unruly Things).

Watching 30 Rock on Hulu in my jammies, while eating cold oatmeal, vanilla yogurt, and pomegranate seeds mixed together, my new favorite breakfast recently.

The amazing power of the Dyson vacuum against Sadie's bi-annual shed marathon. I think she loses her entire summer coat and replaces it with her winter coat. I could vacuum twice a day and still battle.

Fall morning runs with Sadie in the forest. She loves the cooler weather, I like all the gloves and ear-warmers I get to wear.

Getting to spend the weekend with my favorite Amanda!! At the beach!!!

Getting an invitation to Jamie's store opening party. This place is going to be so amazing. And trouble for the wallet.

Sweet sweet emails from my dear friend Jill, doing the Peace Corps in Nicaragua. It is amazing to see friends grow and change, but stay the same.

Deirdre. Seriously, my lab life would be fairly awful without her coffee break discussions.

Continuing to get wedding presents. So fun.

Have a wonderful weekend!!