Monday, November 16, 2009

Weekend Recap!

1. Watching Trent's boys destroy Maryland on Saturday morning at University Lake.
Yep, they did amazingly, beating Maryland and holding their own against the UNC varsity even. Plus, fantastic time talking to parents, rowers, and Bob Milikan who is going to change our world.

2. Fun science. Seriously, things are going well in this arena.. awesome.
Meh, not so exciting here actually. Lots of really cool experiments to do.. they just aren't working technically. Which is SO frustrating.

3. Lots and lots of digging to find the leak.
Oh gracious. The leak. Luckily Stephen came over to help on Saturday, but due to inferior heating tools, we weren't able to finish the job until yesterday afternoon. So showering at Amanda and Stephen's house before drinking our sorrows away at the Station and Orange County Social Club. Plus a good concert at Johnny's! But we have running water again, and it is glorious.

4. Finishing thank you notes.
All but about 5 left to do. So satisfying to have this done. Sat on the couch with a cup of hot cider and finished them, while poor Trent battled the leak and the yellow jackets that decided to pay him a visit. Not fair.

5. Planning Thanksgiving!
Starting to think about the menu, folks to invite. Still lots of work to do on this. Having water was a critical first step however.

6. Playing with our new hobby/life goal.
Trent bought us a guitar and a mandolin for our newest hobby. He can play by ear, I am spending more time with the "Learn Guitar" book and doing scales. We have a goal of playing at the 2010 Carrboro Music Festival, with Stephen on keyboard, Amanda as our designated dancer and percussion. I think we are golden.

7. Embroidering fruitflies onto onsies for a upcoming lab baby shower.
Watched the Carolina vs. Valpo basketball game yesterday at the Station with ex-neighbor Patrick and a bunch of Carrborians. I enjoyed the game, but also got started on this project. I am doing a series of model organisms, fruitfly, frog, mouse, worm. This baby is going to be a nerd from the get go! I will take pics when they are done.

8. Perhaps a first post-marathon run?
Still not ready. And the lack of showers was a deterrent. Yoga today though.

9. Perhaps seeing "Men Who Stare at Goats."
Nope, but excellent outings to local Carrboro hot spots, Johnny's, The Station, and OCSC. Met up with Deirdre and other science folks at OCSC for a friend's birthday and it was a who's who of Carrboro society. Trent and the gang went home earlier, but it was worth the dark stumble home to share a drink with my favorite trannie/politico.

10. Reading, relaxing, lots of hot tea and homemade applesauce and other fall delights.
Yep! I did a ton of housecleaning too, we finally had a sunny day so I opened all the windows, vacuumed and dusted everything. Also planted lots of heirloom garlic and some new ground cover plants. Made a big LeCru of gumbo that should last us through the week. And a successful trip to Marshalls for a fantastic deal on new Seven jeans and a Bandolino purse. Score!

Minus the science flops, it was a terrific weekend!