Tuesday, November 02, 2010

26 day

Slightly less stellar today. And yesterday was stellar. Lots of kudos from random faculty about my talk on Friday and winning the coveted "Best Lab Buddy" award for November (our lab manager is a mom, and knows how winning candy/gift cards can be an excellent motivator for doing chores!). And I even got my first birthday present in the mail yesterday, thanks Naliboffs!!

But as the day progressed, I felt yuckier and yuckier. Went home early and slept/wandered/was restless for the rest of the evening. Finally got some cold meds and slept until 11am today. Called in sick. Boo.

But, in a positive note, taking the day off meant I got to go vote at my leisure and I even ran into our US Senate candidate, Elaine Marshall, at Weaver Street were I was getting some chicken soup.

Feels like an accomplished day. Now back to bed...

Here are some cute baby pictures from the Halloween block party for your enjoyment.

Eaden and his adorable friend. I love that guy, such a little bruiser. He was a gorilla.

Alex the treefrog. Too too too cute.

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Lesley said...

Alex is too cute.