Wednesday, November 10, 2010


for two reasons.

1) Found out today that the talk I was 100% convinced was NEXT Thursday, where I hoped to present this new experiment I am nearly done with and get all sorts of good input from, is tomorrow. TOMORROW. I am not nervous about giving a talk (that seems to be all I am doing these days) but I am pretty bummed to have to present the same story over again. I am now planning on discussing what I am working on instead of presenting data. Maybe I will get some suggestions that will help me make this experiment even more awesome? Oye, tonight is gonna be rough.

2) My piriformis is acting up. I never get injured and now this weird nerve/muscle situation in my hip/glut is bugging me. I've emailed three awesome ladies with various amounts of physical therapy knowledge and am meeting up with a professional PT friend tomorrow, so hopefully she'll have some good suggestions. I think I'll be fine for the race (it seems to get better when I am running, and worse when I am sitting around) but am nervous about doing some real damage. Not fun... Oh yes, reminder... I am doing the OBX marathon on Sunday.

Back to work, just needed to vent for a second. Sorta glad to be getting this talk over with instead of worrying about this weekend at the beach. Busy girl!

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