Monday, November 01, 2010

Dual Lives

Friday: I give a big talk to my department and celebrate afterward with beers with my boss then dinner with some lovely lovely friends. The talk went great, I was thrilled... but exhausted!

Saturday: Bike shop most of the day. Then a whirlwind costume creation. Resulting in this madness...

We rowdy'd it up at several parties... many more pictures to come. Love that Trent is rocking my jean shorts and we switched wigs from the criminal party. I love that he is so game to dress up!

Sunday: Long run with Pilot and breakfast at Weaver with Trent. Bike shop for a bit and helped a friend pick out a new bike. Lots of bike updates to come soon... my new commuter is gorgeous!

Quick throwing together a more family appropriate costume and a dish for the pot luck and we headed over to Paul and Sheila's Halloween block party...

I am his parrot! And apparently parrots do something like this with their arms/wings. I love that I just happened to have random neon pipecleaners around and that my love of bright clothes paid off.

Such a fun weekend!! So good to see SO many friends and dress up with my favorite costume-d caper.

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