Monday, November 01, 2010

27 last days of 27

So, lovelies... today is the 1st of November. So I officially have 27 days left of being 27! Craziness.

I plan on embracing this and celebrating something small everyday.

For today, riding my brand new, absolutely gorgeous, bike to work. Trent bought me two frames for our anniversary, a CAAD7 to be my new road bike (since I fell in love with his CAAD9) and this awesome, handmade, MicheleAntonio frame for my new commuter. He worked hard on it all weekend at the shop (so handy!) and scrounged parts from old bikes and used parts at the shop. Today was it's inaugural ride, and it was epic! I love it.

Pictures to come soon. And I am realizing this is my 4th commuter in 4.5 years of graduate school. Definitely the best one. By far!

(and I had hot chocolate for breakfast. that is a stellar way to start the day).

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