Monday, November 20, 2006

DC Weekend Trip!

Here are pictures from our lovely weekend in DC. The weather was absolutely gorgeous and it was great to see Trent's old friend from college, who he rowed with for years and rode bikes to Colorado with. He is working at the NIH, so it was fun to hear all the news of my future place of internship. We spent all Saturday cruising around DC, seeing all the famous sites and taking lots of pictures. It was especially poignant being there on Veteran's Day. We had lunch at the Holocaust Memorial museum and spent some time looking at Smithsonian museums. Finally exhausted we headed back to Silver Spring, went to see Borat in Bethesda, and then took the metro out to Georgetown to have dinner at a tavern where JFK and Jackie got engaged. Then we went to Dupont Circle and met up with some of Brett's NIH buddies and enjoyed a beer with all the young professionals at Madame's Organ. Totally beat, we returned home to Silver Springs.

The weather was a little worse on Sunday, but luckily we got to have brunch at THE dim sum restaurant. His uncle and aunt were in town receiving awards for teaching and it was great to catch up. We ate ourselves silly and headed home. Stopped by Ikea on the drive home and made it home around 6. Lovely weekend getaway!!